All the Basics

Shareholder service and recordkeeping for all classes of stock and warrants, including assistance with SEC, FINRA, IRS, State, and Patriot Act compliance as applicable. Hundreds of free electronic reports available to issuers, and a variety of individual reports available to shareholders. Paperless document archiving included for FREE.

DTC Eligibility

This is an essential step for all newly public companies because it allows for the electronic clearing of trades. DTC eligibility reduces the time and cost of trades for investors, and can help increase liquidity in your company’s stock. We take the stress out of DTC eligibility by handling the application process for you. Management of the DTC eligibility process is a value-added, FREE service we offer to all our clients.

Video about DTC Eligibility >>

About to go Public? Need Help?

We have extensive experience assisting issuers in the process of going public through either 15c-211 or reverse merger. We are available for general consulting, and will work with your attorney, CFO, and market maker to ensure the process is as smooth, and that your interests are protected from a compliance standpoint. We also maintain an active, evolving database of qualified industry professionals who can help you with obtaining your symbol and DTC eligibility.

Reliable XBRL & EDGAR Filing

ClearTrust offers fast, affordable filing services to issuers of all sizes. Contact us for a fast, no obligation quote.

Annual Meeting Administration

Ready for the easiest shareholder meeting you’ll ever host? Our results-oriented shareholder meeting management, including stakeholder communications and proxy solicitation, takes the stress out of annual meetings. We partner with you to design your proxy materials, set up your shareholder meeting, mail materials to holders, tabulate voting, administer online voting, and report final results at your meeting. More >>

Virtual Corporate Account Management

A ClearTrust exclusive! From our website, you can issue shares, setup an annual meeting and proxy, create a shareholder mailing, order certificates, pull shareholder lists and MORE.

Online Access: ClearConnect

Issuers and shareholders alike can enjoy online access to their accounts via secure log in. Issuers can download shareholder reports and certificate listings in PDF and Excel formats, submit address changes, review proxy progress, and more. Shareholders can view their holdings, update their contact information, and vote proxies online. Check out our Demo!

Street Name (NOBO) Analysis

Curious about who bought or sold your stock this month? Having a firm grasp on your entire shareholder base enhances your investor relations. We can track and analyze your street name holders from month to month, generating an executive summary of information tailor-made for you.

Digital Records Generation

Every paper that comes across our desk is scanned and archived for future handling. This eliminates the risk of lost documents in our office, and also streamlines future document consolidation so that the information you need is available when you need it.

Custom Reporting and Reconciliation

Although our library of standard reports is quite expansive, we can customize any information you need and get our hands dirty of necessary. This includes auditing our shareholder data against yours, and reconciling differences.

Shareholder Mailing and E-mailing

We can mail materials to your shareholders in house, or help you by generating mailing labels for your use. We can also perform mass e-mail communications to your shareholders, thereby helping you build a bridge between you and your shareholders in a cost-effective and earth-friendly way.

Dividend Payment

Stock or Cash, we can handle it. Book entry shares or wired funds? Not a problem.

Custom Stock Certificates

Stock Certificates can be standardized or customized to reflect your corporate image. We have artists eager to enhance your image, or we can work with your own.

Lost Holder Recovery and Escheatment

We track lost shareholders and frequently scrub our database to ensure clean reporting for you. When the time comes, we properly escheat unclaimed securities according to the regulations of the SEC and the individual states.

Tax Reporting and Cost Basis Reporting

We accurately track cost basis as required by the new IRS regulation. We produce the tax documentation necessary for your shareholders, including cost-basis reporting on Form 1099-D and annual shareholder statements.

Corporate Actions

Corporate Actions are an everyday occurrence for small to mid-sized issuers, which is why we learned to do them with our eyes closed. Our Corporate Action Guide walks issuers through the process.


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